Awkward story time

So amidst all the buzz about The Sims 4, I thought I’d regale everyone with a personal story on the hilarity of The Sims glitches. If you are unfamiliar with The Sims, just know it has problems. Many problems. And some of those problems result in glitches, extremely comedic glitches. This is one of my favourites that happened in my Sims 3 game.

In The Sims 3, there is a chance when a sim is born that a relative will send them a doll. If they cultivate their relationship with the doll as a toddler, the doll will become their imaginary friend when they age up. This is what they look like:


They will eventually have the option of becoming real, morphing into a real sim and becoming visible to everyone, not just the sim who befriended them. Apparently, sometimes the game can confuse the two states of being, and this is what happened to me.

Meet Vivienne Snow. Born an outcast in her large and famous family, she was the only girl out of six that wasn’t born a fairy. Socially awkward and unlucky, she took solace in her amazing abilities to sculpt and invent. Her best friend was her older brother Leo, and the two of them shared a secret: they both had imaginary friends. Leo had Hesper, who delighted in listening to him play each of the instruments he eventually mastered. Vivienne had Peanut.

When Leo aged up into a teen, he stopped talking about Hesper, who had this point become his very best friend. He was the cool guy rockstar in town, and he didn’t want to compromise his suave reputation. This had been the case through college, and now into Leo’s young adult years.


When Vivienne aged up into a teenager, Peanut glitched. Though Vivienne had not given her a potion or a gem, Peanut was a human teenager girl. She required to eat, sleep, shower, go to the bathroom, have fun, etc. But Vivienne was still the only one who could see her, she couldn’t be selected by me, and she had absolutely no idea she wasn’t an imaginary friend anymore.

The result of this was disastrous for Vivienne.

Already socially inept, Vivienne was now being driven mad by Peanut, who would follow her everywhere and could not be dissuaded to leave. She would watch awkwardly as Vivienne tried to focus on her sculpting, only to be disturbed when Peanut would piss herself, yell loudly about the stench, and then pass out in her own bodily fluids. She’d wake Vivienne up with complaints about hunger but would not eat whatever Vivienne offered.

And things only got worse.


Peanut learned to leave the house whenever Vivienne did. Picture this: Vivienne has just asked her father to teach her how to drive. They get in his car and she slowly learns how to brake, take turns, etc. Peanut sees Vivienne leave and attempts to run after her. When Peanut gets tired, she hails a cab. Vivienne is now learning how to drive with a cab constantly trailing her, inside of which is her friend-turned-crazed-stalker, who only loses Vivienne’s trail because she needs to stop the cab to piss herself and pass out in the middle of the road. At some point, after Vivienne has returned home and is enjoying some peace and quiet, Peanut will wake up, disoriented, and hail another cab back to Vivienne. Peanut would pass out in front of Vivienne’s high school or work; would watch her as she slept; would imaginary-friend-walk everywhere to follow Vivienne. It wouldn’t stop.

Vivienne got some much needed relief when she went to college. No imaginary friend followed her there.

When I moved her and Leo back to Bridgeport, I gave her a tiny cottage equipped with space, privacy, and her sculpting tools. Immediately I exited her in order to move Leo and his imaginary friend (still perfectly imaginary and in doll form) to a high rise penthouse downtown. He then got invited to a party of Vivienne’s. When he arrived, he saw that Peanut had crashed the party, visible to both him and Vivienne, pissing herself and throwing fits and passing out in the bathroom. This was a one time thing, but it turned out that only perhaps 3 times out of 10 when I played as Vivienne would Peanut show up, out of the blue, still completely glitched.

Well, one day Vivienne changed her mind about Peanut, for her loneliness had grown to such a state that she began to cling to Peanut’s dedication to her. She strove to get Peanut to come back, writing her love letters every day, making sure she had a potion in her inventory just in case Peanut arrived.

And she did! Peanut came back, Vivienne made her properly human, and they both moved together to Sunlit Tides, away from the harsh celebrity lifestyle of Bridgeport. For some reason Peanut had, in her inventory, about 2000 various sweets. Which were enjoyed by all around.

So the glitch ended up having a happy ending after all.

Since I didn’t capture any screenshots, here is one of human Peanut and Vivienne (the blonde).